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Workplace Mental Wellbeing


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Mental Well Being in the Workplace

 CSP Coaching specialises in helping and supporting both employers and employees in the field of mental wellbeing in the workplace. All employers have risk assessments for slips, trips and falls but do you have them for the mental wellbeing for your workforce?

CSP Coaching also specialises in one-to-one coaching for stress, anxiety and depression for employees, either as face-to-face, telephone or internet coaching using Coaching Interactive software.

  • What do you do if someone with a mental health problem applies for a job with you?
  • What do you do if a member of staff is showing signs of mental ill health?
  • Do you want to prevent stress and promote positive mental health throughout your organisation?
  • Do you know what mental illness is and how to deal with it?
  • Do you know what the current legislation is regarding mental health issues at work?
  • Do you have a policy framework that supports good management practice and inclusion of people with mental health problems in the organisation?

Most employers have policies, manuals, training and risk assessments for health and safety regarding physical injuries. Very few employers have incorporated mental health into these policies, manuals, training and risk assessments, and, as a result, are leaving themselves exposed to the risk of litigation, staff absenteeism and higher costs, to name but a few of the effects of poor mental health management. Is your organisation one of these employers that has yet to address this issue?

CSP Coaching can help your organisation

  • Better understand the experience and consequences of mental distress;
  • How making the work environment 'mentally healthy' is good business;
  • The kinds of work adjustments that may be needed to prevent mental health problems at work;
  • How to respond when someone is in distress or shows signs of mental health problems;
  • How to develop a policy on employment and mental health;
  • Better understand the current law and mental health at work and how it affects your organisation